A trainers Paradise

The Athletic Development Centre (ADC) is a national class training facility that redefines the concept of fitness training. The foundation of the ADC is in the purpose driven culture it supports. This culture is driven by the open-course space, exceptional coaches, and team oriented atmosphere.

Using these tools and advantages, the ADC can take anyone from where they are today, to where they want to be, and to who they want to be.

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Team Training

We tailor goals for sports specific training. Different sports have different goals. We make better athletes for their specific goal, which will be determined by their sport. We take it one step further by breaking down specific goals based on athlete position. ie: centre linemen train different than defensemen. 

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Personal Training

Unlike most gyms in the world, each of our coaches operate their own business. By giving our coaches the freedom to operate their way, we encourage a broad range of skill sets and specialties. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, gain weight, get better at your sport, or are recovering from an injury, we have the expert for you!

My son Carter is an offensive lineman. He has worked with a few different strength coaches and has seen great strength results. It was not until we arrived at the Athlete Development Centre, and with coach Drew Robertson, that we found what we had been looking for; QUICKNESS, SPEED, AGILITY, and greatly improved ATHLETICISM, [all] in 5 months. The difference in the athleticism of Carter has been astonishing. A 300LB teen with extreme quickness, good top end speed, and shiftiness while on the move, these are rare commodities.

Drew understands athletics and personal growth, not only athletically, but mentally and interpersonally. His goal is to produce overall athletes and great people.
— Kelsey Johnson, Athlete's Father